Boom Beach

Boom Beach: Tips & Tricks for Guaranteed success

                    Boom Beach: Tips & Tricks for Guaranteed success

Boom Beach is a free mobile strategy game. If you are into mobile strategy games then you probably already have given it a try. If you haven’t then we suggest that you should check it out because it is one of the best android strategy games.

Your aim is to infiltrate the enemy territory with an army of soldiers and defeat them to get your hands on their resources. You also need to build a strong base in order to defend against enemy attacks.

Here is a list of some tips and tricks that you can use to get the edge over your opponents. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or not, these tips are equally helpful for everyone.

So, here is what you need to do:

  • Starting off…

Your goal is quite simple. You need to destroy the enemy HQ in order to win. But it is not as easy as it seems. Your primary focus of attack should be the enemy HQ. Other buildings are of secondary importance. If you destroy that main building then it doesn’t matter how damage you do, the battle is yours.

  • Protect Your resources:

Vault is a special type of defense that you can put in place in order to protect your resources. But keep in mind, it gets weaken over time so you should try to upgrade it as soon as possible in order to avoid any catastrophe.

  • Strategize your defense and offense:

Playing the game without any specific plan is totally futile and waste of time. In order to do well you need to closely observe your defense and offense. You need to understand how your offense operates and how much your defense can take.

You need to be fully aware of the capabilities of your troops and use them strategically in order to win. Place your buildings closely together to minimize the damage. Make sure to upgrade your resources and defenses. It is extremely important and crucial.

  • About Blackguard Mercenaries:

As the game progresses, you get more and more chances of attacking the enemy islands. If you see any Blackguard mercenary then you should know that it is your online friend’s island. It is a unique feature of Boom Beach gameplay.

  • Go for the enemy headquarters first:

Although we have already said it before but considering how important it is for your victory, let’s go over it one more. GO FOR THE ENEMY HQ FIRST WHENEVER YOU DECIDE TO DO A RAID.

The other buildings are of secondary important. You need to do about 50% damage in order to secure a win. But if you destroy the HQ, then you win by default no matter the amount of damage you do.

  • Don’t waste your diamonds on quick upgrades:

Now read carefully because this is really important. The most common mistake the novice do is to use diamonds for speeding up the upgrades.

Diamonds are really rare and you should not waste them like that. You can use these diamonds to perform other upgrades. Wait for the upgrades to finish up and save this valuable resource.

  • Upgrade the radars:

Upgrading the radars is quite helpful. You will able to explore a wider range of areas. These farther apart islands usually contain a greater amount of resources.

  • Upgrading Saw mills should be your topmost priority:

Wood is the most important Boom Beach resource. You can use different kinds of resources for upgrades but wood is the base material. Without wood, you cannot use iron to improve your defense.

It is better to have as many saw mills as possible because that is where you get the wood from. Build saw mills and keep upgrading them in order to accumulate wood.

  • Convert Trees into lumber

When you start off you are given a very little amount of resources which are spent very quickly. If you need to do an upgrade and you don’t have enough wood, then the game will ask you to perform that action but on the expense of diamonds which are also very rare. You can buy these diamonds by spending your really money but that is not a reasonable thing to do.

Instead, you can tap on a tree and hit the shovel to turn 600 Gold into 300 lumber. This deal is quite reasonable especially in the early stages of the game.

  • Rearrange your base whenever you want to:

Another unique feature of Boom Beach is you can rearrange your base long after you have built it. You can reorganize it whenever you want to. This is really helpful because as the game progresses and you get more land for your base it biomes necessary to review your defense strategy.

You can refine virtually anything according the requirement in order to build a strong base. Many players don’t know about this feature but it can play a key role in order to make a strong defense.

Boom Beach
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Boom Beach
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